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Kitchen Utensils

Paratha, Veg Rolls, Samosa, Chappathy etc. are very popular among employed people, because these items can be cooked in a short time and are very healthy. You need however the right kitchen untensils. Just visit PROSI and your kitchen will be richer, your labour easier!
Aluminium steam cooker
All our products are made under strict ISO9002 quality control system with CE, GS approval.
Rice cooker
Rice is cooked by heating in boiling water or steam, or a combination (boiling until water evaporates, then continuing in steam generated by continued heating).
Chapati Maker
Ready mix of flour is inserted manually into machine and according to different size required for Chapati/Pani puri,
Puttu maker
It is innovatively designed to minimize the time in puttu making. It is widely appreciated among the customers for minimal fuel consumption and high durability.
Chop sticks
Chopsticks are short tapered sticks used in pairs of equal length, which are used as the traditional eating utensils of China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea and Vietnam etc
iddali maker
The container and its cover it provided with heat resistant and protective handles for ease of usage
portable gas cooker
A portable stove is a cooking stove specially designed to be portable and lightweight, as for camping or picnicking, or for use in remote locations where an easily transportable means of cooking or heating is needed.
Rice broom
Grass Material for brooms & kinds of broom. grass bamboo broom, natural grass broom, flower broom stick, tiger grass
Rice cooker diff.size
Electric rice cooker including scoop, containing uncooked rice. A rice cooker or rice steamer is a container or kitchen appliance dedicated to cooking rice.
Stone morter
The mortar is a bowl, typically made of hard wood, ceramic or stone.
Sushi mat
This sushi mat (or "makisu") consists of small bamboo sticks held together with string, and is the perfect tool for making maki sushi rolls at home.
Wok round Bottom
Woks are most often used for stir frying, but can also be used in other Chinese cooking techniques, such as in steaming, pan frying, deep frying, poaching, boiling, braising, searing, stewing, smoking, making soup, roasting nuts or vegetables, or even fermenting rice wine.