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Chips and Snacks

Chips are a hit when you are out to spice up your shelves or to complement a food gift basket. They are especially good with coffee and tea. Our chips have the irresistible flavour of authentic spices and are an excellent alternative to everyday snacks.


The power of crunchy munchy snacks is alluring. PROSI offers a wide range of snacks
cassava chips
Cassava is a shrubby, tropical, perennial plant that is not well known in the temperate zone
Chippy Chips are golden and crispy on the outside, and have the classic chip shop taste
Chiz curls
Chiz Curls Soft and light-textured corn-based snack shaped into curls and flavored with real cheddar cheese
Clover chips
Clover Chips is a unique snack made from a magic blend of whole corn grain refined tapioca flour
Crispy peanut
Crispy peanut butter cookies are made with butter, sugar, egg, peanut butter, and puffed wheat cereal
Dessert Chips and Sweet Salsa may cause a raucous taste bud party
Digestive biscuits
A digestive biscuit (originally known as a Wheaten), sometimes referred to as a sweet-meal biscuit, is a semi-sweet biscuit
Dry mango
on mango fruits by using a hot water treatment. When fresh mature mangoes are dipped in into water at 51-. 55°C for 30 minutes and then wiped dry
fish snacks
Enjoy special collection of trusted fish snack.
ginger biscuits
A ginger biscuit is a globally popular biscuit based snack food, flavoured with ginger
ginger candys
There are plenty of health benefits of ginger and ginger candy is an excellent sugary delicious treat for increasing the intake of ginger in your daily dietary routine. Ginger candy is in fact a great way to consume all the goodness of ginger
haldiram mixtures
A mouth-watering snack combining dry, split whole moong beans, gram flour (sev) strands, cashews and potato strands spiced perfectly with black pepper, nutmeg, mango powder, black salt and other spices.
huma chips
Baked chocolate chip doughnut frees your mind and hands. Free your hands by putting the doughnuts in oven and free your mind while enjoying the doughnuts without worrying about your weight.
indian mixtures
Mixture is a famous Indian snack. All variety of snacks are mixed in small quantities with fried nuts, puffed rice, dry fruits and fried grams.
jack fruit chips
jack fruit chips is commonly used in South and Southeast Asian countries.It is very crispy and sweet to taste.
jamaican crackers
The Jamaican crackers are known for their crispiness as well as their ability to stay fresh through long hot summers and damp hurricane seasons. Their unique texture allows them to absorb liquid without falling apart, thus they are often dipped in coffee and tea.

magic flakes
Magic Flakes is a preferred snack of children and adults and for years now has remained a favorite because of its delicious taste and affordability.Magic Flakes is a favorite companion to coffee and hot chocolate by Filipinos too.
mazza mixtures
Mazza mixture snacks can be eaten as raw and liked by the people of all the age groups.Crunchy Mazza mixture is great for anytime snacking and can be eaten with tea, coffee and others.
Mr chips is made of high grade corn chips which has the sweet and zesty taste of spaghetti that kids love very much.It is an irresistable flavour for Youngsters too.
nik nak chips
Nik Naks are crunchy maize snacks,which is very different from other snacks, they come in a stick like form with little knobbles on them.It is having several flavours.
plantain chips
Plantain chips are deep-fried slices of bananas.Being made from all natural ingredients,they are healthier and more nutritious snacks that your family will love
rice crackers
Rice Crackers, popularly known as Khichia Papad by Gujarati’s is made from Rice flour. It is a ready to fry/roast item. It is available in different mouthwatering flavors like Chilli Garlic. It can be relished as a snack as well as can be a substitute to Papad.
short bread
Shortbreads are traditionally a Christmas cookie that blends butter, sugar, and flour to make a rich and delicate tasting cookie.they are made in various shapes and sizes.

sky flakes biscutes
Sky Flake Biscuits are Trusted for many generations because of its universal taste and appeal.It is a healthy option that aids in every person's dietary needs
sunflower seeds
Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of Vitamin E.Sunflower seeds are also a good source of selenium, a trace mineral that is of fundamental importance to human health.
wasabi coated green peaschilli crackers
Wasabi peas are roasted green peas, coated with wasabi seasoning. They are crunchy, hot and very addictive!