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Ayurvedic Products
Ayurveda is a system of health-care with its origin in India, practiced for more than 5000 years. It is a school of medicine,currently rediscovered as such all over the world. All Ayurvedic products are derived directly from naturally available substances such as plant extracts. The products are highly effective in preserving and regaining health. PROSI has an extensive range of Ayurvedic cosmetics to enhance beauty and make the skin supple and young. Ayurvedic products have no known side-effects, while synthetic cosmetic products can cause allergic reactions.
chandrika soap
Chandrika, the real secret of natural beauty for the past 72 years.
Original vegetable oil Soap, since 1940.
Does not contain any animal fat and is not tested on animals.
The main ingredient is amla (also known as Indian gooseberry), which is rich in Vitamin C. Anti-aging benefits claimed due to chyawanprash can be due to the anti-oxidant effect of Vitamin C.
Eno is the most global of GSK's gastrointestinal products. The fast-acting effervescent fruit salts, used as an antacid and reliever of bloatedness.
An Ayurvedic digestive medicine, Dabur Hajmola was the first to be branded as a product.Pop a Dabur Hajmola and enjoy the chatpata flavour that stimulates your digestive power. Take it regularly, especially after a meal.
medimix soap
Medimix Ayurvedic Bath Soap. It is known for its curative, preventive and beautifying qualities for skin, scalp and hair.
Herbal massage oil
Herbal massage oils contain a combination of herbal medicines and are used to strains of muscles and tensions.
massage oil
Massage positively influences our psychophysical condition.The positive effects and benefits of massages can be increased through the correct selection of massage oil.
himalaya products
Backed with years of research and understanding of herbs, Himalaya has developed a range of Neem products that are essentials for maintaining healthy skin this summer.
henna products
We provide 100% natural and organic henna products for hair dye, beard dye, body art (henna tattoos) throughout the United States and Canada.
dabur products
Dabur's Health Care range brings for you a wide selection of Ayurvedic and natural products that offer complete care for varying individual needs. Our products are derived from the time-tested heritage of Ayurveda.
ayurveda shamppo
Ayurvedic Shampoo Cleans and nourishes hair roots with natural proteins. Ensures healthy scalp. Gentle on hair. It deeply conditions the hair strand by strand.
ayurveda facial kit
A complete ayurvedic approach to treat your facial skin at home. Treat pimple, acne, wrinkles, black circles black patches at home.
ayurveda toothpastes
This highly effective Ayurvedic formula combines the natural tooth-whitening fibre PEELU with the astringent .
ayuri products
ayuri provides wide range of ayurvedic cosmetic products.